The Cashelle Story


Cashelle was created by lash artists, for lash artists. With a demand in our growing market for a product line that is of premium quality, at affordable prices, meeting health department standards & helping artists save product waste, Cashelle was born. So when we started this dream, we asked ourselves, what qualities does Cashelle represent?


Cashelle enables women to build their own empires. Whether it be from the comfort of their own home, while they raise a family, embark on a second income opportunity or grow a studio of their own, they need a product line that delivers quality results for their clients at affordable prices and encourages women to be the source of their own strength.


The beauty of a woman, must be seen from her eyes. Lashes are for US and to build confidence from within. Feeling our best, helps our inner light shine. When you have confidence in your products to go to battle for you, you elevate your clients experience and results.


Cashelle encourages women to listen to their inner voice that says “take the chance”, to feel uncomfortable in the unknown, & to be the kind of woman that sees an opportunity in every challenge.


These qualities were instilled in our Founder, Cassandra, growing up on Cashel Lake & are shared in our Product Manager, Cait, creating our friendship, our bond & our drive to bring these qualities to YOU through CASHELLE.

 We hope you enjoy all Cashelle represents!

Cassandra & Cait