Angled Isolation Tweezer
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Angled Tweezer -145

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Made from only the finest stainless steel with a gold tip coating, these tweezers offer a precise grip, with a sleek design. With a tight closure and sharp tips, these angled isolation tweezers can do the best of both worlds. Great for isolating those frustrating inner corner lashes, and keeping babies out of your isolation field. Commonly also used to create and pick up volume fans.

  • Gold Plated
  • Diamond Grip
  • 4.75 inches
  • Use for volume fan making and isolation
  • Precision tip for accuracy
  • Loose grip to help eliminate finger, wrist, and hand fatigue
Intended for certified lash professionals only. Do not leave in disinfectant for longer than instructed time. Disinfectant will degrade the finish. Fully rinse after disinfection.