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Lash Bath

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Our specially formulated Lash Bath is designed to be used by both Lash Artists during service, or by your client’s as a take home product. It is fragrance free, oil free and Paraben-free, and will enhance lash retention. It is imperative lashes are cleaned on a regular basis to avoid bacteria build up and improve retention. We suggest offering lash baths for your client’s before beginning to lash them, as this product will neutralize their pH levels, enabling your glue to work at optimal levels. Our Lash Bath also opens the lash follicle, allowing for your glue to bond inside the follicle as opposed to sitting on top, creating for a stronger, longer lasting bond.

  • Size: 60ml
  • Paraben-free
  • Oil-free
  • Suggested to purchase our Lash Brush with the Lash Bath & carry for Retail to your clients

How to Use Cashelle Lash Bath

  • Pump the foam into a clean dish
  • Apply foam bath to the lash line directly with a Cashelle Cleansing Brush. Brush foam from lash line to tips of lashes, as well as swirling in small circular motions to remove dirt and debris from the lash line.
  • Rinse warm water
  • Pat to dry (never blow dry your lashes)