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0.07 Volume Lashes | Mixed Length

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These volume lashes are the perfect combination of durability and elegance. With tapered tips in the top quarter they give a natural looking shape. The strength of our hand crafted lashes is evident throughout your clients lash cycle with consistent shape, curl and durability. These lashes fan themselves and have been tested for over 14 months and every fanning technique out there by our very own lash artists to ensure top quality. If it isn’t good enough for us, it isn’t good enough for our customer! 

  • Colour: Deep Black
  • Finish: Semi-Matte
  • Each tray contains 32 half rows
  • Pre-cut down the centre for easy peel
  • Available in C, CC and D curl
  • 1x 7mm | 2x 8mm | 2x 9mm | 2x 10mm | 3x 11mm | 3x 12mm | 2x 13mm | 2x 14mm
  • Foil backs to ensure smooth removal from your lash tile


    We have put a lot of thought into the details of our trays and have combined our favourite qualities for a universal lash product to suit the needs of lash artists world wide. Half strips is just the beginning, as one of our favourite features. Health Canada has strict guidelines for health & safety in the lashing world requiring us to toss any un-used lashes after each client. This can cause a massive margin of waste for lash artists. With half strips, cut out the annoying step of needing to cut your strips to place them on your tile, and grab one of our pre-cut half strips in seconds. Less time fussing, more time lashing, more revenue!